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Lagos Bathtub Refinishing Saves You Up To 75% Of The Cost Of Bathtub Replacement!

Do you know that bathtubs and other bathroom and even kitchen fixtures can be re-surfaced or refinished?  If you're shocked, you're not alone. The technology and processes are revolutionary.

Astonishingly, bathroom fixtures like bathtubs, sinks, tiles as well as countertops can all be professionally refinished so that they look like almost brand new, using quality grade proprietary coatings formulated for the bathtub refinishing industry. Isn't that an exciting news?

It gets even better.

You see, after crunching the numbers on whether to replace a bathtub or refinish it, you will come to the same conclusion that our clients told us that they came to. That 'bathtub refinishing saves them up to 75% of the cost of bathtub replacement'. Bathtub refinishing benefits over replacement are many. And with a tight and tanking economy, you too, will appreciate using tub restoration techniques to get your dulled, dingy and outdated bathtubs looking like almost new with savings of up to 75% over the cost of bathtub replacement. Interested?

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commercial painting

Have You Discovered Our Lagos Commercial Painting Services?

At Refinishing Stars, our highly skilled and detail oriented team provides amazing quality and value conscious painting that ‘wows’ our clients. Our painting projects include residential, new construction, and renovations of existing facilities. Included in our commercial painting services are – Hospitality Industry, Medical Facilities, Educational Centres and superior Property Management projects.To get an indepth knowledge of our commercial services, click 'read more.'

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residential painting

Residential Painting: Is Your Lagos Home Ready For A New Paint Job?

Aren't you tired of looking at that ugly and dated paint job in your Lagos home? Our residential painting for an occupied house starts with our protecting your household furniture, electronic devices and other movable or permanent fixtures in your house including floorings.

We do so by our generous use of drop cloths and taping off any areas that we are not painting. In some instances, we may have to move your furniture to adjoining rooms, cover and tape off doors and windows, remove and replace switch plates and other fixtures.

Therefore, as professional and skilled painters, we spend hours or even days of prep work before we put any primer or coat of paint on any surface in your house.

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Why Refinish A Bathtub Instead Of Replacing It? Advantages Of Bathtub Refinishing

advantages of bathtub refinishing

Bathtub refinishing has saved property owners literally thousands of naira in replacement costs. When you really consider the benefits of bathtub refinishing over the cost of bathtub replacement, you too, would quickly embrace re-glazing as the best alternative to replacing old bathtubs with new ones.

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About Us

Refinishing Stars is a professional bathtub refinishing and painting company based in Lagos. 

We serve the bathtub refinishing and painting needs of owners and facilities managers of hotels, condos, estates and other commercial and residential properties in Nigeria and  economically vibrant major cities in Africa.

Our company was started and operated in Chattanooga Tennessee, U.S.A. for many years before we moved our corporate office to Lagos. This organization is built to serve the professional bathtub refinishing and painting needs of our residential and commercial property owners.

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You get proper surface preparation, detail oriented professionals, superior quality materials, on time delivery
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