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Lagos Painting Contractor: How To Find One That You'll Be Happy With!

Are you stressed about how to find the best professional painting company for your next commercial or residential painting project?

With an insane amount of people that are unemployed in a most sluggish and tanking economy, you can understand how desperate and critical the situation has become. What critical situation are we talking about?

In other words, we're talking about the difficult situation of making an honest living in a modern society. That is one of the reasons for the abundance of people who fake painting. There are plenty of them in other professions too.

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Have You Discovered Our Lagos Commercial Painting Services?

At Refinishing Stars, our highly skilled and detail oriented team provides amazing quality and value conscious painting that ‘wows’ our clients. Our painting projects include residential, new construction, and renovations of existing facilities. Included in our commercial painting services are – Hospitality Industry, Medical Facilities, Educational Centres and superior Property Management projects.To get an indepth knowledge of our commercial services, click 'read more.'

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Residential Painting: Is Your Lagos Home Ready For A New Paint Job?

Aren't you tired of looking at that ugly and dated paint job in your Lagos home? Our residential painting for an occupied house starts with our protecting your household furniture, electronic devices and other movable or permanent fixtures in your house including floorings.

We do so by our generous use of drop cloths and taping off any areas that we are not painting. In some instances, we may have to move your furniture to adjoining rooms, cover and tape off doors and windows, remove and replace switch plates and other fixtures.

Therefore, as professional and skilled painters, we spend hours or even days of prep work before we put any primer or coat of paint on any surface in your house.

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A Lagos Painting Company: 7 Killer Reasons For Hiring Only Professional Painters

lagos commercial painting companyAre you you seriously considering hiring a painter or a painting company for your next commercial or residential panting or re-painting project? If your experience with a painter is a guy with a nylon bag and not even a brush posing as an a painting 'expert' is not insulting enough, they want you to pay professional price. Are you still with me? Are we getting somewhere with this painting business? It is getting interesting. Why? Because hiring an unlicensed non-professional could save you plenty of money but there is no guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the outcome of your painting job. Here are 7 astonishing reasons why you need to hire a professional painting company for your next painting project.

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About Us

We are a professional painting company. We serve the painting needs of homeowners and or commercial property owners in Lagos.

Additionally, we offer bathtub refinishing for owners and facilities managers of hotels, condos, estates and other commercial and residential properties in Nigeria.

Our company was started and operated in Chattanooga Tennessee, U.S.A. for many years before we moved our corporate office to Lagos.

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Your Painting Needs: Why Choose Us?

You get proper surface preparation before we start any painting job, detail oriented professionals, superior materials and on time delivery. We don't cut corners, we paint them!