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Commercial Painting In Lagos |:: Discover What Our Commercial Painters Will Do For You



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Are you eagerly looking for a team of Lagos based professional home or commercial painters or a painting contractor with skills and experience to handle all your new construction painting, house, condominium, educational, medical painting or re-painting projects?

The reason why we mentioned an effective painting contractor or companies is because there are tons of 'sharp' 'painting wannabes' in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria and the world.

As you searched and researched information on the top choice for Lagos based professional commercial painting companies or painting contractors, has any painter explained to you the difference between commercial painting and a house painting?

By taking these differences into consideration before you hire your neighbourhood painting company, you will be saving yourself a lot of future headaches.

Every painting contractor or company in Lagos are not the same. Therefore, it is seriously important that you understand the kinds of painting services you will be getting from your local painting contractor, before you sign on the dotted line.

Just like you, enquiry minds that want to hire a professional commercial painting contractor or company want the answers to the following questions:

What Painting Materials Are You Familiar With?  

It may surprise you to learn that simply because a person has done a few residential jobs that it does not qualify that individual or company as a professional commercial painting contractor. Residential painters work on wood and siding - the material commonly used in residential buildings while commercial painting contractors have a wider experience with more materials that are used for commercial projects. It makes a big difference working materials you are familiar with.

How Big A Commercial Project Can Your Lagos Painting Company Handle?  

A commercial painting project is usually bigger than a residential one. You would agree that it requires much more complex planning and painters than a residential job. With years of experience on the art of paiting, you can count on a commercial painting contractor to have the equipment and manpower to complete larger jobs pretty quickly.

With bigger projects, they also have team memberts that are dedicated to the planning and organization of your project, while others do the actual painting. The result is that you get your project done within your deadline.

What Is Your Project Timeline?  

The painting project timeline for a residence id different from that of a commercial project. This is an important question to ask because unless it is new construction, all residential painting projects are done during daylight hours Monday through Friday. If your business is open during daylight Monday through Friday, it becomes a major problem for you to do any painting within those hours.

The best commercial painting contractors are prepared to accommodate your scheduling. They have the painters and equipment to work nights and on weekends. Our clients who own or manage high-end estates, appreciate so much how we keep to tight schedules and timelines. Does your estate need professional painting?

Does Your Contractor Know The Supplies Needed For Your Project? 

Since you are not an experienced painting contractor, you might not know the types of materials that you would need to complete your painting project. Happily, an effective and successful commercial painting company does. Commercial properties that see tons of traffic may require more durable paint or other protective coatings in order to withstand more wear and tear than a residential home or living space. A professional commercial painter will know everything you would need in order to complete your painting project successfully and will eagerly provide them.

Does Your Contractor Provide More Than Just Painting Services?  

Experienced professional commercial painting contractors provide much more services than residential painting contractors. Because of the scope of work that commercial contractors do, you should feel comfortable in hiring a qualified contractor to do epoxy flooring or coating, sandblasting, power washing or surface preparation. Depending on your facility, a qualified commercial painting contractor, may be able to meet many of your painting projects without you having to look for multiple contractors.

Hospitality Industry Painting

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Medical Facilities Painting

Do you know that painting a hospital or medical facility is a sensitive project that requires a skilled and knowledgeable painting contracting company?

Education Centres Painting

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Property Management Painting

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What You Get From Our Lagos Professional Painting Team

We are the top choice for discriminating residential and commercial painting clients here in Lagos and the surrounding communities. That means that we also serve the commercial and residential painting needs of the good people of Ikoyi, Lekki, Victoria Island, Magodo, Ikeja (GRA), Banana Island and Park View Estate.

You get free estimates, professional and amazing painting team and stunning results. You get a painting contractor that is laser-focused on providing you with the highest level of customer satisfaction every step of the way.

It is possible with an amazingly highly skilled and experienced professional painters. With such an awesome an charming team, you also get consistent professional results that meet any discriminating aesthetic pleasure of most commercial and residential painting clients. Our painting specialty is for big commercial and residential projects.

The main focus of our commercial painting service is new construction painting as well as facilities with old and peeling paint.  In other words, we're in the residential and commercial professional painting business.

We are good at meeting deadlines and providing the highest quality of workmanship, bar none.

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Why Choose Us For Your Painting?

  • Professional Service.
  • On Time Service.
  • Quality Service.
  • Brutally Honest Service.

Professional Service

With a team of professionals with many years of painting experience, you get a written estimate and a project completed to your satisfaction.

On Time Service

At Refinishing Stars, we take your time and project timeline seriously. Therefore, we show up on time and complete your project at the time agreed on.

Quality Service

Having worked for very discriminating clients in the U.S.A. for years, we bring the same kind of excellence in workmanship to Lagos.

Brutally Honest

Refinishing Stars is brutally candid in our business dealings. You get honest written pricing, honest painters and quality products.

About Us

We are a Lagos-based professional commercial and residential painting contractor. We provide exceptional residential and commercial painting as well as renovation services for great customers across the city and its suburbs.

We serve the commercial and residential painting needs of our clients in Lagos, Ikoyi, Lekki, Victoria Island, Magodo, Ikeja (GRA), Banana Island and Park View Estate.


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We are the top choice for residential and commercial painting services in Lagos, Ikoyi, Lekki, Victoria Island, Magodo, Ikeja (GRA), Banana Island and Park View Estate.

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