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Are you ready to hire a Lagos based house painters, painting company or contractor with a team of skilled, experienced and attention to deatails professionals to handle all your new construction painting or re-paint projects?new construction painting or re-paint projects?

Where do you call home?

Is your house in Lagos, Ikoyi, Lekki, Victoria Island, Magodo, Ikeja (GRA), Banana Island and Park View Estate, in need of professional painters?

Are you serious about painting your newly-constructed home or repainting that ugly and dated paint job on your walls?

Whether your residential painting project is of your newly constructed home or a repaint of an existing but outdated paint job, you'd agree that hiring an effective and experienced painting contractor will add to the looks and value of your property.

On the hand, using the residential painting services of a painting company that cuts corners leads to disappointments and stress.

That means that finding and hiring a professional residential painting contractor that will meet your discriminating painting needs is a serious buying decision. Do you agree?

From your research on residential painting companies or contractors in Lagos, you are ready for a high-grade painting job from a team of high grade professional residential painting contractors that don't cut corners but paint them. We are eager to roll.

Before we start rolling, let's have an understanding of what you get from our new construction service and what you get from our repaint of your residential painting project.

To paint your residential home successfully - one that it looks awesome and lasts tons of years - proper preparation of the painting surface is of paramount importance. It is no easy task to prepare a concrete surface that is free of bond breakers, dirt, and laitance (an accumulation of fine particles on the surface of fresh concrete due to an upward movement of water - as when excessive mixing water is used).

Prep Work For Residential Painting: New Construction

Coatings must absorb a little bit into concrete surfaces in order to achieve the proper bond. The amount of prep work involved in new construction residential painting job is not as extensive and time-consuming as that of an occupied residence. The reasons are obvious. Still, we have to protect your doors, windows, switch plates and other fixtures.

Concrete wall primer is not the same as paint. The major composition is polyvinyl acetate (PVA). PVA is the same ingredient you'd find in carpenter's glue. Its beauty is in sealing the porous surfaces of the paper and dried joint compound. This sealing process makes it easy for the surface to receive new paint. The PVA in the primer adheres better to unfinished walls than does paint. By the same token, adheres better to primer than it does to drywall.

Should You Use Two Coats of Paint Or Just One?

In a most sluggish economy, it is extremely tempting to try to save money by cutting corners. We're talking about applying two coats of regular latex wall paint as an alternative to using a primer. Since the Latex paint is not as strong as PVA, it will just soak into the surface. And since you're not getting the adhesive surface that PVA provides, the second coat is also likely to soak into the porous joint compound. For trying so hard to save a few thousands of Naira, you get an uneven paint job that will probably need a third coat.

As you might have known, paint is more expensive than a primer. That means that you haven't saved any money by going this route. Instead, end up spending more.

Every residential client is unique and so is the job. One thing that they all have in common is that all jobs need to be clean, finished on time and within budget. With our team of experienced professional painters, you get consistent quality work all the time.

Whether you are renovating your residence for sale or you want to refresh the look of a dated paint job, we are uniquely qualified to handle big projects on time, with quick turnarounds and without cutting corners.

Are you tired of that old paint of a few years ago peeling off from those tired looking walls? There are many reasons why many paint jobs don't last as long as many expect. We can list few reasons why tons of paint jobs fail woefully.

If you have an old Bentley that needs a re-paint job, you wouldn't hire a painter that specializes in painting Kia cars, would you? I am sure that you wouldn't go to any paint shop to buy the paint that would go on your piece of investment. If people are particular in whom they choose for restoring a car investment, you would agree that it makes sense to invest in the services of a residential painting contractor. Afterall, home is a better investment than a car!

Paint peeling off pretty quickly after a few months or years of application starts with the quality of the painters or 'professional' painting company that was hired for the paint job and ends with the quality of the paint used. Additionally, when painters don't pay a professional attention to the prep work, it can remove years of the life of your pretty paint.

Applying cots of paint is the easy part. But preparing a sound, dry surface for that new coat of paint is tough and time-consuming. Because it is tough and time-consuming, many residential painting contractors don't recommend excellent prep work before the actual painting starts. Moreover, many homeowners while hurrying to cut costs also cut corners. However, it’s the key to any successful paint job.

Our residential painting for an occupied house starts with our protecting your household furniture, electronic devices and other movable or permanent fixtures in your house including floorings. We do so by our generous use of drop cloths and taping off any areas that we are not painting.

In some instances, we may have to move your furniture to adjoining rooms, cover and tape off doors and windows, remove and replace switch plates and other fixtures. Therefore, as professional and skilled painters, we spend hours or even days of prep work before we put any primer or coat of paint on any surface in your house.

After that, we sand iron fixtures that may have taken many coats of paint from previous renovations. Then we fill any holes or cracks, sand problem areas in order to create a smooth and perfect base before we start the actual painting.

Our Interior Painting Services

  • You get - walls, ceilings, doors, floors, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom painted professionally.
  • You get the irons of your windows sanded smooth and then repainted to an amazing finish.

Our Exterior Painting Services

  • We do - whole-house projects including all exterior surfaces, doors, security posts, concrete and steps.
  • Pressure washing - decks, driveways, siding, and gutters.

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