• Bathtub Refinishing Benefits | Advantages Over Bathtub Replacement?


    demolition Vs refinishing

    Bathtub Refinishing Benefits Over Replacement Break-Down

    Bathtub Replacement


    Bathtub Refinishing


    Demolition, removal & disposal of bathtub


    Bathtub refinishing










    Tile setter


    Tile setter


    3 walls around the bathtub tiled


    3 walls around the bathtub refinished


    Vanity with sink


    Vanity with Sink






    Toilet Bowl w/tank


    Toilet Bowl w/tank


    Flooring, carpentry, etc.


    Flooring, carpentry, etc. 


    TOTAL for replacing bathtub and bathtub surround


    TOTAL for refinishing bathtub and bathtub surround




     Bathtub Refinishing Benefits In A Nutshell:

    Bathtub refinishing saves you up to 75% the cost of replacement with the additional beauty of being done right inside your bathroom. Your bathroom can be used 48 hours later. Moreover, you get a choice of many colors.

    It also saves the landfills that nobody wants in their back yard. The environmental benefits of bathtub refinishing are many. Bathtub refinishing saves you the irritation and mess of replacement.

    Benefits Of Bathtub Refinishing

    Bathtub refinishing has benefited all kinds of people. You name it, and we've probably seen it. We refinish bathtubs that are hard to keep clean, ones that are dated, discolored, scratched and stained. Most of our clients are astonished at how almost like brand new their bathtubs or sinks look after we've repaired and refinished their bathroom fixtures.

    You too will be 'wowed' after we refinish your bathtub. With bathtub refinishing, it takes only about 4 to 6 hours to get your bathtub refinished to look like brand new. That means that instead of waiting for days to use your bathtub during replacement construction, you can now use your refinished bathtub within hours. To be exact, you can use your refinished bathtub in about 48 hours.

    Here Are Other Bathtub Refinishing Services You Get:

    We provide Anti-slip FREE on all the bathtubs that we refinish

    We use only high performance bathtub refinishing products. We take bathtub refinishing very seriously because our reputation is on the line. So your advantage in having us refinish your bathtub is that you get them looking like brand new after it is done. Our process is so durable, that your refinished tub can last up to 15 years depending on how you keep it clean.

    With our system, you can modernize your bathroom. You can refinish that old bathtub and give it that custom look that you've been wanting. Above all you, you save money, time and the environment. To start your wonderful renovation experience, here is what to do right now!

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