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Bathtub repairs for fiberglass, acrylic, cultured marble and porcelain have become a money and time saving alternative to replacing a bathtub or countertop that is chipped or cracked.

For instance, cracks, chips, burns or dings in your bathtubs, showers or sinks can be repaired and touched up. Such repairs are effectively done on cast iron bathtubs, acrylic tubs and trays, ceramic sinks, porcelain basins, and enameled bathtubs.

Bathtubs are installed during framing or when blocks are put in place at the time of new construction. During the course of a new construction, especially in a very large project involving many people, bathtubs get scratched before the property is handed over to its owners. The most inexpensive way is to have these new bathtubs repaired.

Bathtub repair is an art in itself. It involves matching the color of the repaired scratched spot to look like the rest of the color of the new bathtub. It is tricky, but bathtub refinishing companies are saving new construction contractors money especially in a very depressed economy using bathtub repairs.

The advantage of tub repairs is appreciated also by hotels and condos that have designated smoking rooms where they have cigarette marks on bathtubs and countertops. Bathtub repairs and refinishing are used by these hotel owners, condo owners and others to upgrade their rooms at a minimal cost when compared to total replacement of a bathtub or countertop, especially in a sluggish economy. The advantage of tub repairs is that bathrooms are upgraded to attract clients in an unattractive market for less than 75% the cost of replacement. 

Bathtub Repairs Benefit The Hospitality Industry

 Even hotel or condominium owners who want to sell their property have discovered that by repairing their countertops, and or refinishing their bathtubs and countertops, they increase the value of their property. Increasing the value of a property in a sluggish economy helps for the sale and that’s how bathtub repairs or refinishing benefit’s the hospitality industry.

Cigarette marks on countertops or on bathtubs are not attractive to people who want to rent the room or the people who want to buy your property. Repairing and refinishing these fixtures create a good first impression, saves you money and time. It also adds value to your property and is a huge benefit to the environment.

Bathtub or countertop repairs help the hospitality industry and others to save money and time by repairing their countertops and bathtubs on site instead of buying new ones and throwing the old ones into the landfills.

The hospitality industry loves to have their rooms ready for use with the minimal amount of disruption to their clients. We can match almost any colors of your choosing, during your tub repair and refinishing.

New Construction Benefits From Bathtub Repairs

The economy is tight at this time but there are some new construction going on Nigeria. During the course of the construction, especially those that build hotels or condominiums, there is an accident- scratch on the installed new bathtub. A lot of bathtubs get scratched or scraped. We will continue to save new construction money and their time in bathtub repairs. Our bathtub repairs bring needed relief to project managers before they hand over the property to the owner.

What contractors appreciate the most is our quick response and quick turn-around time.

Bathtub Repairs Benefit Everyone

Bathtub repairs advantage is an environmental benefit of refinishing too.
Here are our other quality bathtub repair and refinishing products and services:

  • Bathtub refinishing and surround that are dull, discolored rusty or chipped.
  • Repair and refinish cultured marble bathroom vanities and sinks.
  • Repair and refinish antique claw foot bathtub.
  • Repair and refinish ceramic tiles including re-grouting
  • Repairing and refinishing kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
  • Sales counters repair and refinishing.
  • Refinishing millwork stations.
  • Refinishing examination table.
  • Repairing and refinishing cracks, burn marks, gouges etc.

We provide Anti-slip FREE on all the bathtubs that we refinish.

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