Condominium Bathtub Refinishing Saves Condominium Owners Money And Time


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Condominium Bathtub Refinishing Advantages

Advantages Of Condominium Bathtub Refinishing

Our Bathtub Refinishing And Repair Services

Here Are Important Facts To Consider

If the countertop in your condominium kitchen or bathroom falls into the categories above, refinish don’t replace.

Here are The Benefits Of Condominiums Remodeling


Apartment Bathtub Refinishing

Apartment Bathtub Replacement

  • Refinishing countertop



  • New granite Countertop



  • Removal and disposal of old countertop



  • Removal & installation of sink (plumbing)



You save more than 75% cost of replacing your bathtub

From the chart above, you can see that bathtub refinishing saves condominium owners up to 75% the cost of replacing. A refinishing project takes hours to be completed while it can take 3 to 7 weeks to replace the fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom. Bathtub refinishing saves the landfills and condominiums don’t need to cut down more trees simply because a condominium wants to modernize or update their kitchen or bathroom. (Read: the environmental benefits of refinishing)

So why not avoid expensive remodeling costs along with the mess and hassles? Don’t replace it—Refinish it.

Your Condominium Refinishing Choice

Make Your Condominium Bathtub Refinishing Choice

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bathtub refinishing estimate
bathtub refinishing estimate

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Refinishing Stars is a professional bathtub refinishing and painting company. We serve the bathtub refinishing and painting needs of owners and facilities managers of hotels, condos, estates and other commercial and residential properties in Nigeria and major and ecomically vibrant major cities in Africa.

Our company was started and operated in Chattanooga Tennessee, U.S.A. for many years before we moved our corporate office to Lagos. This organization is built to serve the commercial needs of others. You get superior service, quality performance and amazingly awesome and 'wow' experiences.

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We serve the professional hotels' bathtub refinishing needs of hotels in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Cotonou.


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