Porcelain Bathtub Refinishing - Are You Ready To Refinish Your Yucky Porcelain Bathtub?


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Aren’t you tired of looking at your large porcelain bathtub that is chipped, stained, yucky and worn out? Of course, you are!

It is understandable that after many years of use, porcelain bathtubs become dull, porous and extremely hard to clean. The use of abrasive cleaners can readily degrade the surface of your beautiful porcelain bathtub.

Bathtubs can also be easily cracked or chipped, making them in great need of porcelain tub repairs and refinishing. If that analysis describes the condition of your bathtub, what would you do?

For most people, their first reaction when dealing with a hard to clean bathtub is to replace it. Don’t throw away your tub and replace it with a new one because the colour is outdated or the surface is worn out. It is important to note that it is extremely hard to take out an old bathtub and replace it with a new one.

This is so because you have to consider the extra cost of hiring a plumber and a tile setter since the plumbing fixtures and surround tiles would have to be removed before you can remove the old bathtub.

Additionally, replacing a tub can take several days or even weeks to complete with lots of construction noise and dirt to contend with.

Do You Want To Replace Or Restore Your Tub?

At Refinishing Stars, we provide porcelain bathtub repair and refinishing to amazingly restore yucky and hard to clean bathtubs. With our process, we can even change the colour of your tub to compliment any decorating plan that you like.

You can save up to 75% of the costs of replacing your bathtub when you refinish it. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the average bathtub replacement can cost $3000 or more when all costs are considered!

Further, Refinishing Stars not only saves you money, but also your pitted, porous, chipped, and impossible-to-clean bathtubs can be made to look and feel like new, often in just one day!

Think about that... in just a day, our porcelain tub refinishing professionals can extend the life of your porcelain bathtub for 10 - 15 years without the mess and cost of replacement!

Advantages Of Porcelain Bathtub Refinishing

The finishes that we use are incredibly durable and they come in a variety of awesome colours and textures so that you can meet any decorating plan you envision. After we refinish your bathtub, you can be sure that your bathtub will last a long time since we use superior and highly effective coatings in our bathtub refinishing process.

Advantages Of Porcelain Tub Refinishing

Affordable - Much cheaper than replacement.
• Quick - Typically only a day or two to complete the job.
• Hassle Free - No dusty demolition or construction mess.
• Customizable - Custom colours available.
• Fresh - Like-new look and feel.
• Guaranteed - 5-year warranty.
• Extended life - Adds 10 - 15 years or more.

Make Your Bathtub Refinishing Choice

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